Photo by Nor Kin4life/Nortographynyc

Nejma Nefertiti is a dynamic and versatile Hip Hop artist from Brooklyn, New York. She is a daughter of many lands encompassing Iranian, North African, and Indigenous American roots. Her artistry transcends boundaries and resonates with diverse audiences. Known for her fierce delivery, multisyllabic rhyming, and vivid imagery, she has garnered international recognition with her incisive and captivating style of wordplay. 

Nejma Nefertiti’s contributions to the culture are vast, as she consistently enriches the Hip Hop scene with her extensive catalogue and collaborations with a range of legendary artists. Her versatility and ability to seamlessly navigate various musical landscapes showcases her commitment to breaking artistic barriers. 

Nejma Nefertiti is a multifaceted artist who also participates in the realms of theater, film, television, streetwear design, and the creation of natural, luxury perfumes. She is an Art Equals Politics social justice educator, utilizing Hip Hop and technology as cultural weapons to empower, uplift, inspire, and unite, both youth and elders, the oppressed, and for the freedom of all political prisoners. Her dedication is reflected not only in the content of her lyricism, but also in her work as an educator. She uplifts communities, facilitates workshops, and delivers engaging presentations in the academic field. 

With an impressive resume of performances on esteemed outlets like Shade 45’s Rap Is Outta Control, Sway In The Morning, Chuck D’s “AndYouDon’tStop” radio show, and appearing on the Rock The Bells platform, Nejma Nefertiti’s impactful presence is evident. She was one of 12 winners for The Saga Continues Contest organized by Sway Calloway and Rza of Wu-Tang Clan, and participated in a live in studio cypher on Sway In The Morning. Additionally, she is one of the new faces of Walker Wear, the legendary streetwear brand founded by the iconic April Walker. 

Adding to her musical achievements, Nejma Nefertiti’s creative endeavors have been recognized on a global stage. Her music video for “Las Mujeres” was an official selection for the Women Deliver Conference: 2023 Arts & Film Festival, a prestigious event held to advance gender equality. This remarkable accomplishment further solidifies her influence as an artist and advocate. Her official video for “Soul Ties” premiered exclusively on Sway’s Universe and received an Official Selection status by the Best Indie Film Festival and the Portugal Indie Film Festival. 

On her journey, Nejma Nefertiti has fearlessly created her own path while staying true to her authentic self. Her independence and unwavering commitment to her craft have earned her a well-deserved place among the greatest emcees to have ever blessed the mic. With her remarkable accomplishments, unparalleled talent, and contributions to the culture of Hip Hop, Nejma Nefertiti continues to shape the genre and inspire people worldwide. She has performed in esteemed places such as The Kennedy Center, SOB’s, The Nuyorican Poets Cafe, The Knitting Factory, The Blue Note Jazz Club, The Apache Cafe, and has toured in Venezuela, Iraq, France, and Switzerland. 

Nejma Nefertiti’s work is a reflection of her multicultural background, infusing diverse philosophies and sounds to weave her own unique tapestry. Her victories in various rap contests, further highlight her expansive skills, her exceptional impact on the music scene, and her ability to revolutionize positive change across diverse areas of society. She is one of the most exciting and formidable emcees out right now so keep an eye on her…

Photo by Nor Kin4life/Nortographynyc